MW3: Confirmed.

Modern Warfare 3 has been confirmed! Finally. The cycle restarts as it is a new
year again and we start the countdown to the new Call of Duty. Is that logo to the right real? (I edited it slightly.)

Before the videos, the leaked info on the game. This has not been confirmed by Activision, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games or Raven Software, so it is still a rumour. WARNING. THIS DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS.

Single Player

Kotaku starts off by mentioning how they’ve dodged all the spoilers and only talked about stuff that is pretty self-explanatory and doesn’t contain any spoilers, but how that would all change right now. They’ve gathered these details from multiple sources and although they’ve not seen the game in action their-selves, they’ve seen dozens of images along with voice over recordings.

Now here’s where all the plot spoilers begin, so you have been warned…

According to Kotaku, Modern Warfare 3 will begin where the second game finished when the US is under siege by Russian forces, Vladmir Makarov is on the loose, and Captain Josh “Soap” MacTavish and Captain John Price are on the run with Russian informant, Nikolai.

While on the run, the three characters flee to a safehouse in Dharmasala, India, where they are then attacked by Makarov’s men. During this firefight, the player will take control of a loyalist who works for Nikolai and is called Yuri. Due to their location in the safehouse being known, the characters then flee via helicopter.

Where next? No other than Manhattan, New York City, where Russia is launching an attack on the city through the use of a fleet of ships that are positioned on the Hudson River. After the United States calls in Delta Force, the player will then take control of a Delta Force operative called Frost. Your commander is a guy named Sandman and your goal is to open the area for a counterattack by taking out a jamming tower that lies on top of the New York Stock Exchange.

While gunning down enemy choppers, Delta Force flies out of New York on a Blackhawk helicopter to the harbor where they will infiltrate and take down a Russian submarine that is believed to be coordinating the attacking. The location for the settings throughout the game is said to be:

  • Dharmasala, India
  • New York, New York
  • A plane transporting the president of Russia
  • A town in Sierra Leone
  • London, England
  • Mogadishu, Somalia
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Paris, France
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • A castle in the Czech mountains
  • Berlin, Germany
  • The Kremlin in Moscow, Russia
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Washington. D.C.
Apparent Call of Duty: Elite

Once the missions based in New York City are completed, the game will then advanced in time half a year, giving players control of an Russian agent who must protect the president of Russia while he flies to signs a peace treaty with the United States. This is a Call of Duty game, so as you’d expect, something goes wrong. Hijackers manage to take control of the plane while they attempt to kidnap the Russian president and his daughter. And although the daughter manages to escape, Makarov gets the launch codes from the president and launches an attack against the United States, preventing a peace treaty.

You’re probably thinking “What the hell happened to Price, Soap and Yuri?” It turns out that they’re now in Africa hunting for Makarov. After being told by a South African arms dealer that Makarov is trying to buy a shipment of chemical weapons, they went head to Sierra Leone in an attempt to secure the weapons from African militia.

It doesn’t stop there though! Now we take control of a SAS operative who has to stop the delivery of weapons of mass destruction at a London dockyard. A firefight erupts and the agents are then chased through the London subway. This level concludes with a series of unmarked trucks that explode in front of the house of Parliament, releasing a deadly chemical agent. This isn’t a case of one country against another though. Several European cities and military bases are also hit by Russian-backed terrorist attacks, meaning than the death toll rises to the tens of thousands. The ongoing chemical attacks allows the Russian military to strike across the entire continent.

Deceit. That’s what happened with Price and co. when it turns out that the arms dealer who tipped them off about the chemical weapons was lying. They head to Somalia to find and interrogate him, which leads to them discovering that Volk, Makarov’s right hand man, is hiding out in Paris.

So far we can gather that the game features a lot of countries all other the world and that Europe is a prominent continent. This time it’s Germany’s time to get in on the action as players take control of a U.S. tank gunner in Hamburg. The player has to push back a Russian advance backed by armored divisions. Hamburg appears to be losing in the battle and it’s then that the story shifts back to Price and co. You’ll regain control of Delta Force operative Frost, who leads an assault on Volk’s location in the underground catacombs and is assisted by French special forces. AC-130 lovers will be happy, as it’s now that you take to the sky’s by supporting Frost’s ground movements as a gunner.

Apparent Call of Duty: Elite

Once Volk has been captured and interrogated, Frost will then learn that Makarov will be attending a meeting in a Prague hotel. Players will then take control of Yuri once again and will work alongside Soap as they both slip into the Russian-controller city and set-up an ambush for Makarov in a church bell tower. However, Makarov becomes aware of the ambush and he then escapes, leaving Soap, Yuri and Price to fight their way out of the city.

After being led to one of Makarov’s headquarters in the Czech mountains by Yuri, the crew then infiltrates and searches the location for clues. They find out that Makarov has the Russian president and is attempting to retrieve the launch codes from him, and also discover that he knows where the president’s daughter is located. The player then controls Frost who must find and protect the daughter and then they must escape the war-torn Berlin together. It isn’t successful however, as she is captured and flown away. While still controlling Frost, the player then heads to Kremlin where a task force of operatives attack and free the hostages, although Makarov escapes once again.

After plenty of tense action, firefights and twists and turns in a wide variety of locations that span the globe, the final mission takes place in Dubai. It’s here that Yuri, Price and Sandman launch an assault on a hotel that is very heavily guarded. They search for Makarov, find him, and finally kill him after all this time. The game doesn’t seem to be over yet however, as Kotaku mention that there appears to be a post-credits level that features the burning of Washington, D. C. Post-credit levels aren’t much of a surprise though, as previous Call of Duty’s have included them. Call of Duty 4 had the infamous Mile High Club while Black Ops allowed players to take control of influential Government officials who have to fight for their lives in a Zombie-filled Pentagon.

Multiplayer and Special Ops

Apparent Call of Duty: Elite

Multiplayer is the highlight of the franchise and an example as to why so many people buy the games and play them for many months and years. According to Kotaku’s sources, the game may well have as many as 20 multiplayer maps, but as they note, some of these maps may be scrapped before the retail version hits. They also note that the game will see the return of the Special Ops mode, this time with both mission-based and survival levels. Kotaku have been told that the mission-based levels are similarly designed to the ones in Modern Warfare 2, while the survival levels will have players fighting until they’re overcome by increasingly difficult waves of enemies, meaning that this could be their way of rival-ring Treyarch’s popular Zombie mode.

Below is what’s believed to be the map titles:

Multiplayer Maps

  • Alpha
  • Alps
  • Bootleg
  • Bravo
  • Brooklyn
  • Carbon
  • Coast
  • Dome
  • Exchange
  • Hardhat
  • Interchange
  • Lambeth
  • Meteora
  • Mogadishu
  • Paris
  • Plaza 2
  • Radar
  • Seatown
  • Underground
  • Village

Spec Ops Modes

  • Carbon (Survival)
  • Dome (Survival)
  • Radar (Survival)
  • Seatown (Survival)
  • Village (Survival)
  • Civilian Rescue (Mission)
  • Flood the Market (Mission)
  • Invisible Threat (Mission)
  • Little Bro’s (Mission)
  • Out of Africa (Mission)
  • No Fly Zone (Mission)
  • Wing Man (Mission)

From Modern Warfare 24/7

America & England Under Siege Teaser Trailers

Now, to the videos. Since all of that leaked info, Activision and the other companies must have had a crisis meeting whether or not to release trailers, which they decided to.

Ghost, London Eye,  Big Ben, Parliament Square. This trailer is short but what a teaser should be.

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