Well, It’s Possible.

I found this new site called iModernWarfare3 which just started… well, today. The CoD Daily will be following its posts and bringing them straight to you. And if you’re wondering, they have posted something than just a welcome message.

It appears to be a ‘concrete evidence’ conversation of what the Official PlayStation Magazine UK has shown in their magazine. What a coincidence. They’re nearly getting PSN back up. Huh. Wierd.

Only in next month’s… (June)

PlayStation Official Magazine – UK

On sale 8 June, Subscribe [something] on page 78


The biggest game in the world returns.

The page contains a HUGE number 3 in the font of the 2 in Modern Warfare 2 (if you look at your MW2 covers, they are similar to the 3) in green.

And the phrase “The biggest game in the world returns”, Call of Duty, strongly suggests that it is real. Modern Warfare 3 is real. Officially. Get ready for the count down to… June 8? Well, that’s a break of tradition.

Sorry for not posting in the last two days… I’ve been busy and there’s been no content at all.

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