Escalate Yourself

Congratulations, Xbox. You got the exclusive again. Congratulations to you too, Activision. You got the money from Microsoft again for giving them the exclusive.

Going away from my long, boring tirades, Escalation has been released for Xbox! Only. Don’t worry, because Escalation will be available to the PS3 and PC at later dates, probably a month later.

If you don’t know what Escalation is, Escalation is a Downloadable Content Pack which you can download on Xbox Live Marketplace probably for 1200 Microsoft Points, 15 US Dollars or 22.95 Australian Dollars.
It contains five maps: Convoy, Hotel, Stocpile, Zoo and the new Zombie map… Call of the Dead!

So, I decided to search Google Video for Call of the Dead videos because I knew the easter egg of George A. Romero, the movie producer who wanted to make a MW2 movie but instead something happened to him… first, I went to The Call of Duty Wiki and found more about the V-R11 ‘Humangun’.

There was no information about the humanised zombies do, whether they fight the zombies with their fists, if they just simply run away or zombify again. So I checked the Call of the Dead article and it said that the humanised zombies run away then get killed by the other zombies. It also said that George A. Romero would only be turned into his ‘calm’ state when shot with the V-R11 or if lead into icy waters. The MP-40 does return.

But there more.

If the player makes a zombie explode with this weapon they will get the “Stuntman” achievement.[1] It also will turn George A. Romero into his “Calm” state when he is in “Berserk” mode.

What they mean about George A. Romero will be seen in the following video, where he will be the one seen as the giant zombie running around with what appears to be an ‘electrical baseball bat,’ as I call it, which could down a player.

That also showed the hidden song.

The next couple shows the steps to the new Call of the Dead easter egg, like the thing in Ascension. It raises the question, was Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo and Richtofen trapped before?

LOL, he still wants his vodka!

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