There’s A Zombie Killer In All Of Us

Today, Treyarch has posted a movie-like poster for Call of the Dead. I looked for the best one online and came up with this:

Yesterday, when I saw the new wonder weapon, I was so… amazed at what I saw: it turned zombies into people… again. So I decided to go to The Call of Duty Wiki to find out more.


Description, The Call of Duty Wiki:

The V-R11 appears in the new Zombie map, Call of the Dead, that will be included in the new map pack Escalation. It appears to fire explosive orange energy somewhat similar to the Ray Gun. This weapon has been given the capability of turning zombies back into humans. It is unknown if the humans will help the player for a time until killed or reinfected, or just run away. Not much else is known at this time.


  • It appears at 1:37 in the new Call of the Dead trailer.
  • It has V-R11 written on it as well as the number 87.
  • This weapon seems to transform zombies back into humans. This may be helpful in turning George A. Romero back, possibly its purpose.[2]
  • V-R11 is suspiciously close to “Vril”. “Vril” is an energy that was theorized to turn zombies into humans, featured in Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s science fiction novel The Coming Race.
  • It appears to have the Siberia Camouflage.

Call of the Dead

Confirmed Weapons


  • A chain which the zombies can use to get to the ship. (Bypasses windows)
  • Two Ziplines: One goes from the ship to the coast and the other goes from the lighthouse to the ship.
  • George A. Romero guest stars as a boss but he doesn’t have his own round, he appears at the same time as Zombies.
  • Double Tap Root BeerJuggernog and Quick Revive (It is unknown what other machines will be featured.). A new perk’s symbol can also be seen. It is dark red and is a man with a crosshair over his head, possibly indicating an accuracy or headshot increasing perk
  • The Flinger flips players off the ship and onto the coast
  • A new Wonder Weapon called the V-R11.

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