GameTrailers have uploaded a new video… well, two new videos of Escalation gameplay. No, not Aufruf der Toten, but the other maps: Convoy, Hotel, Stockpile and Zoo.

But for some complication, you have to go to a specific link to get there… I don’t know which link leads to which video, but…


In other news, is this #3? You know what I’m talking about, MW3.

So today’s Saturday and… (not going into specifics) well, I went past this store called EB games in Australia and I found a poster that said “Modern Warfare 3 pre-order now”. I was wondering if this was real or not. I think it is. So I checked Sledgehammer Games on their game page, which only said “We are working on a Call of Duty FPS game – Search Available Jobs”. Very secretive.


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