You can play…

You can play with Activision Customer Support representatives who give us… well, customer support. Xbox Live is hosting a community playdate with the Activision Customer Support team or ‘Activision Assist’.

“The support team from game publisher Activision will visit Xbox LIVE for a special Community Playdate. They’ll be playing Xbox LIVE Gold members in Call of Duty: Black Ops on April 22 from 8-11 PM ET. This is your opportunity to meet the team from Activision and get your questions answered on popular Activision games.

Activision Customer Support is in the business of helping you get the very best gaming experience possible. Maybe they’ve helped you out with a Care Package in the past – here’s your chance to return the favor by joining them for some fun playing Call of Duty: Black Ops. Activision Assist’s goal is bringing dedicated support “for gamers, by gamers.” They attack your troubles with Blackbird precision and the tenacity of freshly spawned Attack Dogs.

Assistance is always available at or you can contact them by phone, email, Facebook, and Twitter (@ATVI_Randolph, @ATVI_Bernard, @ATVI_Dov, @ATVI_Mikey), between the hours of 7 AM – 7 PM PST, seven days a week.

Just remember when game time comes – they do not support your lack of skill.”


Well, yesterday, I posted only one video which was less than 30 seconds and I thought that it was too short. So I decided to find 2 funny videos longer and here they are:

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