About: ACOG & a video

About: ACOG Scope

The ACOG Scope is a weapon attachment in Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops. The ACOG scope provides higher magnification than other sights, making it useful for long range combat. But it also has disadvantages: in close quarter combat, the weapon becomes difficult to handle and therefore, not recommended for close quarters.

There are many different types of ACOG scopes. In Modern Warfare, there is only one, similar to the red dot sight because of the bright red dot in the middle, but still has magnification.

In Modern Warfare 2, there are 2. The traditional ACOG scope without a bright red dot, but a tiny one; and the SUSAT scope only on the L86 LSW, which looks like a thin arrow pointing to the middle, showing where the gun is aiming.

In Black Ops, however, there are 5 different ones.

  • The American version, on American weapons like the M16 and M14, but also on the MP5K are like giant crosshairs all connected in the middle.
  • The Russian version, on Russian weapons like the AK47 and RPK, looks the same but also has a dot in the middle and a large circle around it.
  • The Swarovski scope, only on the AUG, has a different shape than all the others, more circular and the sight is a simple white outlined circle in the middle.
  • They Python scope, which is the same as the American version, but has white outlined lines instead of black ones. Why does a pistol need an ACOG?
  • And finally, the SUSAT scope again, only on the L96A1 sniper rifle.

 From: The Call of Duty Wiki

A video

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