Mod Tools This May

Mod Tools This May

Treyarch has announced that the company still plans to release mod tools for PC Black Ops for free this May. Treyarch hasn’t revealed any information on these tools, but most likely about making maps and other stuff and sharing them.

Treyarch’s technology director Cesar Stastny tweeted a planned release date, which only says it is in May.

Black Ops is the second Call of Duty game to feature mod tools, since Call of Duty: World at War on 2008. Modern Warfare 2 did not have any mod tools, which made the PC community sad.

From: Gamasutra

Capt. Price Arrested

In other news: remember Captain Price from the Modern Warfare series? He was voiced by British TV star Bill Murray, who was charged for attacking both his wife and daughter.

From: Kotaku Australia

Modern Warfare 3

In Modern Warfare 3 news: the game will be revealed mid-April according to UK’s PSM3.

More MW3 news: At the Ad Age Conference Keynote Presentation, EA CEO John Riccitello said that Battlefield 3 ‘will take down Modern Warfare 3’ and planned the game will be released on November 2.

From: HEXUS.gaming

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