Intel: Confirmed

For those zombies or multiplayer Black Ops fans, you’re in for a treat. The Escalation map pack has been confirmed. By Activison.

It is coming on May 3rd, as we believe (but know now) thanks to GAME Australia. You can find that post here >. Although the exact price hasn’t been revealed, it is most likely the same price as First Strike, USD 15.00 and AUD 22.95.

Of course, Xbox-ers will ‘have the right’ to purchase Escalation on May 3 and the rest will receive it a month or more later. 😡

  • Hotel is on the roof of a Cuban luxury hotel and casino.
  • Convoy is a close-quarters map set at an ambushed US military convoy.
  • Zoo is set in an abandoned Russian Zoo with ‘danger at every turn’.
  • Stockpile is in a remote Russian farm town housing secret destructive  weapons facilities.
  • Call of the Dead is the new zombies map which still remains classified :sad:. A unique experience along with ‘all-new playable characters’ has been promised.

Because of the new map pack, there will be a double XP weekend for the Xbox 360 at May 6, probably American Pacific Daylight Savings Time.

When Ascension was announced, GKNOVA6> was updated, but I checked again and it was not.

Not even the DLC page was updated to Escalation.


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