The AK-47 has been in Modern Warfare 1 and 2 and Black Ops, only. Maybe because it has been created after WW2.

The AK-47 is an Assault Rifle > , which is between Light Machine Guns > and Submachine Guns > , medium everything. In all games, the AK is used mainly by the Russians, since they made it. It is also used by OpFor a.k.a. the Opposing Force.

In Black Ops, the iron sights look quite different and ugly to me than the ones in the Modern Warfare series.

In other news, no, there isn’t any new news on the Escalation map pack:

  • Sieze the Zoo
  • Take the Hotel
  • Secure the Convoy
  • Raid the Stockpile
  • Survive Call of the Dead

In other other news, more news for so-called Modern Warfare 3.

Expect an announcement of the next Call of Duty sometime this April because the annual CoD games have an annual tradition of being revealed during April, like Black Ops on Apr 30.

Rumours have suggested that MW3 will somehow be connected to deceased character Ghost, while people think the start of MW3 will involve Price and Soap (MacTavish) on the run from Shadow Company, Shepherd’s army. He and his army.

Information from: ComputerAndVideoGames.com >

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