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Breaking News: Details for Black Ops’s second map pack, “Escalation” has been leaked by GAME Australia. 🙂

It was 2 months since First Strike was released for Xbox, PS3 and PC for a greedily high price. Now, a new map pack is coming out and I’ve checked GKNOVA6 > for any updates on the new zombies map, but none.

So here, I give you the list of the maps to be prepared for.


  • Zoo – You’ve guessed it! A zoo. The location of this zoo is still unknown but it will most likely feature animals because of the MP maps’ interactivity in Black Ops.
  • Hotel – 2-floored hotel with a zipline from the image below? Remember, this IS unconfirmed by Activision or Treyarch.
  • Convoy – A highway most likely in Arlington, Virginia because of the sign in the image below.
  • Stockpile – A snowy weaponery stockpile?

ZOMBIE MAPS (sorry, map)

Call of the Dead? This seems like a wierd name for a zombie map, but maybe if it is translated in German, it would sound better? Aufrur der Toten. That better?

And if you’re still wondering when it will come out, the ESCALATION map pack will be out on MAY 3 for Xbox 360.

Here was the poster leaked by GAME Australia, which was denied by Activision of being true:

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