About: Soviet Union

To start the About Series, I decided to pick a team in Call of Duty that has been there most of the time.

The Soviet Union, or USSR, now known as Russia, has been in almost all Call of Duty games.

In the historical stories of Call of Duty 1, 2, 3 and World at War, there were different campaigns, one of which was the Soviet Union. But in Black Ops, there wasn’t any campaign on the USSR, because it was the Cold War and the Union was enemies with the United States.

In the Modern Warfare 2 series (CoD4, MW2, and possibly MW3), it is known as Russia and in 2016 (MW2 era) and Russia was enemies again with the US because of a failed attempt of an undercover assignment by the US Army to get Makarov. They thought it was an assault against them by the US so they invaded and then MacTavish killed Gen. Shepherd, bla bla bla…

In multiplayer games in CoD 4, MW2 and Black Ops, they are known as Spetsnaz, an elite force of Russia. They were even the ones who invented the AK-47.

Not really great there, so I made another poll:

I have updated The CoD Daily to make it look better. 🙂

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