The next Call of Duty is NOT a hoax, but when? & more…

We do know that the developers are making yet another Call of Duty game.

We can prove that with this picture:

Proof >

Anyway, according to >, the next Call of Duty, known in the internet as Modern Warfare 3 will be confirmed sometimme this April according to the UK magazine PSM3. The rumour seems very real because Black Ops was revealed on April 2010 and Modern Warfare was revealed on April 2007. It is expected that MW3 is to be released this November.

Black Ops Class Creator

Today, I had nothing to post on The CoD Daily, so I remembered about this: The Black Ops Class Creator on a site I followed and still follow about Black Ops before it was released.

Just click here > and it will lead you straight to there.

Here’s my class from the Class Creator:

Good, isn’t it? And you can make your own easily (really) and show us in a comment below.

When image is created, to the right, it says URL and BB Code. When posting, you must copy and paste BB code in the large post box. Name (doesn’t have to be real) and email address required.

Comment on this:

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