What is Battlefield 3?

Due to the competition between DICE’s Battlefield 3 and Activision’s Call of Duty, I had some research about Battlefield 3.

Battelfield 3 will introduce features absent from the Battlefield: Bad Company series, like fighter jets and the prone position or crawling position. It will support 64, yes, 64 players on the PC and 24 players on consoles, like the Xbox 360 and PS3.

The singleplayer will have “dragging fallen comerades into safety” and “mount weapons nearly anywhere you want”. The new animation will have more realistic soldiers, transitioning into cover and turning head first before body. They have produced maps in  Paris, France; Tehran, Iran; Sulaymaniyah, Iran and New York, USA.

BF3, the game’s initials will take place in the year 2014. It has single player, co-op and multi player. It will be released around October – December 2011.


BF3 Wikipedia article >

BF3 Official Site >

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